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Announcement From Cody by CodyTheFastestFox Announcement From Cody by CodyTheFastestFox
*In Bowser's Castle*

Bowser: *Hum To His SM64 First Battle Theme Until Heard Knocking* Uh, Come In?

Kamek: *Came In With Cody (Me)* Your Biggerness, Your Buddy Cody Have Good News For You And Also Have Announcement About His Plan On Miiverse.

Bowser: Its About Destroying Sean? Its About Beating MemeSquad?

Kamek: Be Patient, Lord Bowser. Let Cody Speak.

Bowser: Ugh, Fine.

Kamek: Better Go, Mother Is About Going Mad At Me! *Flew Off*

Bowser: Alright, My Friend. Tell Me The News!

Cody: Bowser, Remember Your Traitorous Koopa Captain Was a Hammer Bro?

Bowser: CAPTAIN MARTYN KOOPA! I HATE HIM! *Breathe Fire At The Air While In Anger*

Cody: Calm Down, Bowser. I Have Good News. Its For The Miiverse Plan.

Bowser: REALLY!?

Cody: Yeah. I Found Someone Who Is Really Powerful Koopa Captain That Martyn Never Faced Before! I'll Reveal Him To Miiverse In Daytime. Because What He Said To Suzuki When He Was My YouTube Imposter On Suzuki's Undertale Lion King Video.

Bowser: Whoa Whoa Whoa! Hold On. You're Saying We're Gonna Have a Nicest Koopa Captain Of All Miiverse? BETTER THAN MARTYN!?

Cody: Exactly. Captain Koopa Is No Longer Our Heroic Koopa Captain! We Have a New Captain. *Open Door*

???: *Eyes Glow Red* Lord Bowssssser..... Your Traitorousssss Enemy Issss The Enemy Of Mine.......

Bowser: I Recognize That "Ssss" Anywhere.

Cody: *Look At My Watcher* Hope You Love My Announcement. Can You Guess Who It Is? Do Me a Favor. If You Know That Captain I Found For Bowser And If You Have Miiverse, Don't Spoil It. Cause I Wanted To See That Miiversian Mind Blown. I Wanted It Be a Surprise. It'll Reveal Tomorrow On Miiverse.
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